About Ed Weisberg

Ed Weisberg

Ed Weisberg

Edward Weisberg has over 25 years of experience developing  revenue growth in hundreds of companies as an internal leader, a consultant, and as head of an agency. As an Internet marketing pioneer and co-founder of BX.COM, he was recognized by the Providence Business Journal as one of the 31 most influential high-tech executives in Rhode Island.  An accomplished marketing and business development executive, he is known for his leadership identifying and refining channel strategies, and taking them from concept to sales success.  Ed has a record of successfully implementing a holistic combination of marketing and sales channels, including SEO. PPC, localize marketing, social media, and traditional channels, and managing them to metrics and goals. He has a Masters in Management from MIT Sloan School, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ed brings a broad and unique set of skills to his clients.  His career has included formal training in retail merchandising and sales, solid technology implementation experience, and proven success with traditional and internet social media marketing.  He takes a holistic approach to merging these skills with the particular capabilities of his client to drive successful results.

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2 Responses to About Ed Weisberg

  1. Some websites produce a little amount of revenue from affiliate programs, but others will make a full time living or even produce impressive amounts of money, It all depends on the amount of traffic you can generate , what affiliate programs you select and how you are promoting them on your site.

    • Very True! Having run many affiliate programs over the years, I’ve learned that careful selection of affiliates is key to the success. Not only does the 80/20 rule apply in regard to the results that you can obtain from affiliates, but, in fact, often the reverse is true in regard to the amount of management and monitoring that is needed. Often the poorest performing affiliates require the most time and effort. So my advise is to carefully develop a strategy and target affiliates that can help drive your business based on the synergy you can provide each other, manage them carefully, and build a business relationship with them. Don’t be fooled by the expectation that you can add hundreds of affiliates and get meaningful results from more than a handful. -Ed

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