Just a Quick Comment On Minis!

After reading my blog entry, my friend Dan from ZebraTickets sent me the following YouTube video about Mini Drivers.  Although it is somewhat off-topic,  I include this for a couple of reasons:

1: It’s a great video, and a great example of using YouTube to create and reinforce a viral following ( A topic for a later blog entry)

2:  It’s actually interesting to contemplate the branding image of Minis. Even though the car has changed tremendously, to the point of having a different manufacturer, the brand image  has brilliantly evolved, not changed.   I actually had the experience of tooling around in a Mini a good part of the summer in Luxembourg in the early 1970s.  It was clearly a “cool” car back then too.


One Response to Just a Quick Comment On Minis!

  1. I see your still a mini cooper fan.

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